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Client: International electronic instrument and testing systems manufacturer.

Client Objectives: Prepare sales and sales management staff to sell integrated systems solutions, rather than discrete components to customer engineering staff.

Introduce a solution approach to selling their products and services.

Develop skills to call higher in the customer organization than the product engineer level alone.

Issues: To be successful, it was important to obtain buy-in from regional and district sales management as well as from the sales staff.

The client wanted to encourage their sales staff to begin using personal computers to support their sales and consulting efforts.

Solution: FLI developed an award-winning, three-day interactive workshop incorporating a detailed instructor guide, dramatized video and audio, overheads, and participant workbooks.

To encourage the transfer of skills to the job and the development of computer skills, FLI prepared a series of PC-based job aids, including an ROI estimator and and a proposal generator.

To develop sales management skills, FLI developed a series of on-going coaching tools designed to encourage the regional and district sales management staff to perform proactive monitoring and coaching.

Business Results: Client sales management reported improved sales success due to better customer relations across many levels. Sales people consistently exceeded quotas and produced numerous competitive winbacks.

Curriculum Assessment Tools
New Technology Adoption
Interactive Media
Competency Development
Develop Customer / Client Partnerships
Project Management Methodology
Introduce a New Product
Re-engineering Processes
Enter a New Market
Introduce a New Information System
Change the Sales Approach
Documentation Development