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Client: Nationally recognized savings and loan bank

Project Objectives: The bank wanted to build an internal CBT (computer based training) development capability. They hoped to achieve rapid development and delivery of a core block of CBT programs to "sell the CBT concept" throughout the organization.

Issues: The bank's internal training development staff were almost totally inexperienced with CBT, and they lacked any CBT policies or standards.

They needed assistance to:
  • Select appropriate authoring and delivery software.
  • Establish a CBT management system appropriate to organizational needs.
  • Establish a CBT distribution/control system appropriate to organizational needs.
  • Identify existing training components suitable for conversion to CBT.

Solution: FLI provided consulting support to help the client select training appropriate for CBT, and to establish CBT development and management policies and procedures.

FLI conducted a series of hands-on seminars on how to develop CBT. The seminars were spread overtime so that the seminar leaders could evaluate the bank's CBT development team in their efforts and coach them as needed.

Concurrently FLI custom developed additional CBT courses to help the client accommodate their timetable for creation of a core block of CBT programs.

Business Results: Internal staff developed skills to perform ongoing CBT development.

Rollout of multiple CBT programs for use in-branch replaced centralized workshop programs. This made training available whenever and wherever needed.

Wide acceptance of CBT across the organization resulted in ongoing justification of the bank's investment in additional staff to carry out new CBT development and course maintenance.

Payback of investment was achieved within two years, considering savings in costs for travel and lodging, staffing, and facilities.

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