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Client: Internationally known financial institution

Project Objectives: The bank wished to develop an effective CBT course--engaging as well as instructionally sound--to support its on-line customer information system.

They also wanted the training to include recent application modifications.

Issues: The bank was using interactive instruction to teach their employees to use an on-line customer information system, but employees and their supervisors considered the existing computer-based training (CBT) course uninteresting and ineffective.

The existing course:

  • Was organized around the application's menu structure, rather than the typical job tasks of system users
  • Had navigation training interspersed with application transaction training throughout

The new course had to match the delivery and storage requirements of the former courseware.

Solution: A new CBT package was developed to train tellers and customer service representatives to use all aspects of the customer information system, including recent application modifications. It was segmented into six units, each with a tutorial and a proficiency test.

The introductory unit contains a highly graphic overview of the entire application (and of the new course). The second unit uses the analogy of a file cabinet to introduce the menu structure and organization of application screens.

The user then goes on to one of the remaining three units--each targeted to the job tasks of a specific user group. These three units are structured around simulations of typical business scenarios. Students have to apply what they have learned to complete the scenarios.

Business Results: Critical to the success of the redesign of this interactive training course was its acceptance and use by bank employees.

Student feedback to the training organization was almost universally positive, with comments like "boffo," "socko," and "On a scale of 1 through 10, 10 being best, an 11+.

An unanticipated benefit arose soon after completion of the program.
The client acquired another large bank. This CBT program was credited with easing the transition for personnel from the acquired institution into the use of the client's customer information system.

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